How would you feel if one of your star players was injured in an international match? That is what is facing most of the big clubs. They have the best players therefore most of their players are up for international selection. Thus, they are the exposed most to losing players. Already you have Dirk Kuyt out of action for four weeks due to an injury he suffered in training for the Dutch side.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was never backward in coming forward during his playing days and he is the same as president of the European Clubs Association (ECA).

He called the international friendlies played in August, just after the end of the World Cup, as “nonsense” games which put the players at great risk of injury.

“The total income made by FIFA in a World Cup is thanks to our players, paid by our clubs,”  he said.
“I believe it is quite fair that we take a certain part of the big cake. The cake is always getting bigger and bigger, we’re not speaking about millions, we’re speaking about billions and I ask FIFA as an act of solidarity… to take the risk of this insurance policy.”

Bayern Munich and Dutch winger Arjen Robben was given as the prime example. Robben had a superb World Cup but was clearly playing under the duress of an injury. An injury which he aggravated that he is now unable to play for Bayern Munich.

Maybe an extra 10 games isn’t that much but you wouldn’t want your fantasy football side affected by an injury that was sustained during an international match.

Still Robben has played some great football for Netherlands and it would be a shame if we hadn’t witnessed it.