An interesting schedule for Manchester United with them playing both Mersey teams in succession. Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t play Wayne Rooney against his old team, a move he still believes was the right one. There would be no chance that he wouldn’t play against Liverpool. For one, the game is at Old Trafford and secondly, Ferguson wouldn’t feel as though he can win the game without Rooney and he really doesn’t want anything as much as he likes to beat Liverpool.

Rooney started in the Champions League match against Rangers and didn’t do anything and for that matter, neither did the rest of Manchester United.

Obviously Rooney is a sound fantasy football selection but would you go for him against Dimitar Berbatov? You can only select so many forwards and with Chelsea playing Blackpool and Manchester City playing Wigan there could be plenty of other goals scored in the Premier League this weekend.

Roony has only scored twice against Liverpool. Once at Anfield in 2005 and earlier in the year in March. The second one was a penalty kick he missed which he then tapped in. Here is footage of it:

Regardless of whether its Berbatov or Rooney, Liverpool have a very sound defence. Manchester United have scored 26 goals against Liverpool in their last 20 Premier League games against their rivals. That is an average of just over a goal a game. In 2008, United won 3-0 and Rooney started in this game but couldn’t get amongst the goals.

So bottom line – should he be in your fantasy side this weekend? I’ll tell you on Monday.