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No English Premier League action this week before of a break due to the international scene. Seems very early for a break but that’s how things seem to operate these days. Qualifying for EURO 2012 gets under way. You don’t normally get matches played on a Friday but there are quite a few games today. Most of the big guns such as Germany, England, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Holland are playing tonight.

In a nice touch, the co-hosts of Euro 2012, Poland and Ukraine and having a friendly against each other.

As was discussed during and after the World Cup, you can only draw so much from international football and say its relevant for club football. You should definitely take it with a grain of salt when considering fantasy football options. Take someone such as Yossi Benayoun who scored a hat trick last night against Malta. For the Israeli side, he is their captain and star player. He is the one who is going to be calling the shots.

When it comes to Chelsea, he is very much a small fish in a much bigger pond. He is a bit player to the likes of Anelka, Malouda and Kalou. Sure, it is fantastic to have a bit player of this quality and only a club such as Chelsea could offer to have a bit player of this stature. Most likely he would start and have a much more prominent role if he was playing at any of the non Big 4 clubs.

Then you have some players who are fantastic as club level but for whom international football doesn’t have the same currency. Take Ryan Giggs who used to playing for Wales.

It requires a massive adjustment to go from Manchester United to Wales. Wales’ only World Cup appearance came in 1958 and that was down to the fact that they were just about the only team prepared to play Israel. They defeated them and ended up in Sweden.

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